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Photo's Stay Okay 2005

Photo's Dutch Championships 2005

Photo's Swiss Championships 2005


We are a Dutch Linedanceclub founded in 2002. After a while we all wanted to compete at Championships and from one came another.

At the end of 2002 we started competing at the Dutch 2002 with 2 individuals.After that there was no holding back.

We founded a team and started competing at several Championships and to our surprise we won some Titles(see results)

The dream of all the dancers was to compete at a Worldchampionship in the USA. In 2004 we had the money to go to Nashville and compete for the first time at this level, and what you know all teams ended in top 5, all individuals had prices including a Worldchampion. This boost ment that we now are training harder and harder to see where we can come.

In 2005 the team became 2nd at worlds and we had all dancers in the top 5 including TWO Worldchampions.

Enjoy live and keep on dancing, see you on one of the Championships.


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WK Stockholm 2006

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